There has never been a better time to start a Personal Growth  and Professional Leadership Development Plan than right now! 

At Empowerment Thinking Institute, we provide Coaching Strategies for Personal Growth and Professional Leadership Development to Companies, Businesses, Organizations and Individuals, with an emphasis and a focus on the implementation of those strategies for the best possible return on your investment. 

We understand that....“What you implement and how well you execute determines your level of success.”

We help to bring Coaching Strategies of Personal Growth and Professional Leadership Development into Companies, Businesses, Organizations and to Individuals, through simple and proven methods so that you can achieve the success for yourself, your organization or company that you desire.

 We do this by utilizing content we are licensed to provide and trained in, through the John Maxwell Company, some of the best thought leaders around, and other content that we have developed internally. 

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Enter into the Laboratory of your imagination and let it run free and dream about What could be possible...

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How Will You Get There?

This is where we come in, to journey with you through the How!

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I'm Arthur McKibben, and it has become one of my life's passion to coach people  to create the life they desire by EMPOWERING our THINKING through Personal Growth and Professional Leadership Development and we have found a way to make the process SIMPLE.

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